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I help tech leaders eliminate brain fog & imposter syndrome, giving them clarity & restored balance, improving personal & professional relations, inc. productivity & overall well-being in less than 90 days

MindShift Coach

Who Is This For?

This Powerful Program Is Designed Exclusively for Tech Leaders and Ambitious Business Owners Facing These Challenges.

Constant State Of Stress + Brain Fog

Chronic stress and brain fog can significantly impact your well-being and success. Implement my proven strategies to regulate emotions and achieve your goals.

Stagnant And Stuck

Procrastination leads to stagnation and feeling stuck. Apply my highly effective goal-setting, time management, and mindfulness techniques to achieve your next-level goals.

Imposter Syndrome, Low Self-Confidence

Self-doubt can sabotage your dreams. I’ll guide you to generate self-confidence on demand silence your inner critic and unleash your true potential.

Falling Back Into Old Habits

A lack of resilience results in a return to old habits. I'll provide you with resilience-building tools and strategies that ensure you stay on the path to success even in the face of setbacks.

How Our Program Works:

We focus on 3 main pillars that enable our clients to be wildly successful.

Regain control and find clarity balance, flow, and harmony in your life and business. Gain the awareness and knowledge to effectively manage your stress and break free from cycles of overwhelm.


Apply proven secrets of limitless self-confidence and end self-doubt, imposter syndrome, and procrastination for good. Pursue ambitious goals fearlessly and positively impact your overall business success.


Cultivate inner resilience, master stress management, and prioritize self-care. We’ll build a customized roadmap to sustain your well-being long-term and transform your mindset into fuel for growth and success.

Our Proven Approach to Transformation

Through personalized coaching sessions, our experienced mindset coaches dive deep into the challenges and goals of our clients. We create a safe and non-judgmental environment where tech leaders can explore their thoughts, beliefs, and emotions, allowing them to gain invaluable insights and develop new empowering perspectives. 

We utilize a range of strategic techniques and tools that blends modern coaching methodologies with insights from brain neuroscience, mental mastery techniques like NLP, and ancient wisdom to help our clients overcome brain fog, self doubt, imposter syndrome, giving them clarity, improved productivity, resilience and restored balance.

Our Core Values

We prioritize Simple Steps to Success by helping tech leaders eliminate brain fog and imposter syndrome, allowing them to gain clarity and restore balance in their lives.


We empower tech leaders to overcome self-doubt, cultivate confidence, and embrace their full potential

Personal Growth

We believe in continuous personal growth and provide the tools and support necessary for ongoing development.


Through our program, tech leaders experience transformative change in both their personal and professional lives.

Testimonial Section


Working with Debo @ Mindbasic Academy was life-changing. I gained clarity, confidence, and restored balance. Highly recommended! Now I'm suggesting my colleagues and friends to enroll into it for a fit life and balanced mind.


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I help tech leaders eliminate brain fog & imposter syndrome, giving them clarity & restored balance, improving personal & professional relations, inc. productivity & overall well-being in less than 90 days.

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2023, Newsletter

2023, Newsletter

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Discover Simple and FAST Process To Get Unstuck, Conquer Stress, Self-Doubt, Drop Procrastination, Overwhelm And Skyrocket Productivity!

“I will provide you with proven secrets of limitless self-confidence, where you’ll put an end to self-doubt, imposter syndrome, brain fog and procrastination.

Once implemented, our clients typically see their stress start to reduce, and see an increase in their clarity, productivity and focus in less than 90 days.“

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